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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bookmark card

On our crafty weekend we had a go at jewellery making - and bookmarks too!  I just loved the bookmarks so much - they were gorgeous.  So, I took photos of the ones we had made, posted them here and on my facebook page.  One of my friends commented on the photo on FB so I promised to send her the bookmark.  AND of course, I couldnt just send it - so I made it into a card!  YAY!

I coloured the card with my copics, loving the colour intensity of these - the image is from the Greetings Farm and I have had it printed out for absolutely ages, so it was great to use it now.

The little plaque thingy doodah was in our goody bag for the weekend - we had two packs of them each - and there are loads in each one - fabulous!

You can't actually see the bookmark very well in this pic, but if you want to get a better view of it, then you could just wheel through some of my previous posts to see it.  

AND, I finally managed to get my whole goody bag unpacked and put away - this has caused untold issues - it has just tipped me over from "full storage" to "not enough storage" - eeeek!  I now have to craft like I have never crafted before to try and regain control over my crafting area (our dining space!).

Gotta go and craft...NOW!


1 comment:

  1. This is so sweet love the colours and the chain with the charms on the bookmark looks fab
    Lindsay xx