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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ruthie's craft weekend creations

Oh how we laughed!!! That has to be the first thing I type! I cant believe how well the various girlies bonded - no cross words, no short tempers - and thats 11 women in one house! Some were loud, some were quiet - some drank lots (you know who you are N!!), some didnt (although there was an awful lot of tea consumed Shell!).
I had an absolute blast.

We had huuuuuge goodie bags - will get on here and thank the companies in the next couple of days.

Amy and, her mum, Chris were incredible hosts. They greeted me when I popped my head round the door after lunch on Friday, Chris cooked dinner on Friday evening - yummy and no mean feat for 11 people, I couldnt have done it! They just made the weekend run so fabulously, without getting bossy!

I bunked in with Shell - we spent two hours the first night chatting in bed! Top girl - lots of giggles! Mind you, we got a bit freaked when we found out that we share the same birthday and got married on the same date! oooooo!

Ok - I am not going to chat about everyone now! I could be here all night! I just came on to quickly show my weekend makes....which, I have to fess up, where not as prolific as most of the other girl's. I blame it on the sore tummy muscles - they suddenly developed gigglyitis (when you laugh so much it hurts) and I think it affected my ability to craft!!! Yeah right!

This card is so unlike me!!! The stamp was from Crafts and Me. How gorgeous is it? We got given 6 stamps in total (I think - am still in shock!). I really need to unpack my bag properly!

I coloured the image with aquamarkers. Now, I have a set of these at home already, but hadnt really used them much. I saw the set Letraset had sent us to play with on the table and thought I really SHOULD get to playing with them. What have I been missing? I loved them so much - I am definitely going to be doing more with them. I used them by scribbling on my glass mat and used a watercolour brush (the ones with a reservoir built into the brush) to pick up the colour. OK, its not the best ever, but I was quite chuffed for my first go!

Amy showed me a new technique - using dreamcaster brushes - to do the edge of the card - now this is gonna be a staple for me from now on!

Bookmarks!!!! I played around with beading etc years and years ago - but didnt really put any great effort into it. Some of us had chosen to do some jewellery making and Amy and Sarah (Tiggertastic) showed us some great techniques. I made the bookmarks first and will definitely be making more of these for Christmas pressies etc. In fact, if you know me, you are likely to end up with one of these at some point! They are just so sweeeeeet!

And this is the bracelet I made - yes, really, I made THIS! It hurt the fingers a bit to do - and I seemed to take 3 times as long to make it as the other ladies! BUT I DID IT! Aint no one having this baby!

I mean....LOOOOOK! I cant believe I did it!

In our bags, also (besides heaps of paper, card, embellishments, sparkly things, ribbons.....sooooooo much stuff - did I mention that?) was some Sculpty stuff. I am sure I am not the only person to have a lickle pack of fimo lurking at the back of a cupboard - bought it for Josh and he never used it! Well, there was lots of it in our bags!

The blue and white "pendant" was what I formed from a blob Amy was playing with...then I made another one from the leftovers from the beads. And the fried eggs? Hey, I had fun ok!

This is my little piggy. Ok, you probably could have worked that one out for yourself! Amy and Chris used to make these little piggies and showed me how to do one. Well, actually, their ones looked far more refined than mine - my one is a flying pig! Not on purpose, but look at the size of those ears! The metal bit sticking up the middle is so that I can put it on a phone dongle! Mind you, I nearly didnt manage to impale him with it because Shell kept making "piggy screaming" noises and making me feel awful!

This was my bear - again, stating the obvious (at least I hope so!).

It was such a wonderful weekend, with a lovely talented group of ladies! I learnt lots of new stuff and got to play with materials and STUFF that I had not experienced before.

Ok -thats me done for tonight - gonna go and have a play!


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